Brake Drums & Discs

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EKU meets the needs of the automotive industry all over the world with a wide range of products. EKU Machining Facility, where automation investments are at the highest level, is one of the world's largest processing facilities in its field with a production capacity of 2 million units to provide the automotive industry with creative solutions.

Brake Drums & Discs

We are the distributor of EKU brake drums and discs in South Africa. High-tech brake drum and brake disc production facilities and Total Quality Management have established EKU as a well-known brand name in the original equipment (OEM) and replacement markets across the world. The product is ECE R90 approved, differentiating it as a superior quality product.

Committed to Total Quality: EKU have been certified with ISO 9001:2000, ISO TS 16949 and EN ISO 14001 quality certificates by BVQI.

All brake discs and drums are engineered to SAE metallurgical standards and meet all OE specifications for weight, configuration and tolerances delivering the best performance in the market. All castings are x-ray tested and checked for blow holes in a testing laboratory before entering production in the CNC machine shop. The drum casting metallurgy structure offers superior strength and heat dissipation, thus, leading to better resistance against heat cracking.

This also improves braking performance and delivers improved durability and wear resistance. Exact casting process produces a drum with equal wall thickness giving even brake stress distribution and providing uniform thermal expansion to minimize brake judder and vibration.