Heavy Duty

Commercial Vehicle

Brake Linings and Pads

Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings

Eurospec linings are 100% asbestos free and of proven original equipment quality, meeting all internationally recognized quality standards. Eurospec brake linings are a first choice for demanding, quality-conscious fleet operators and OEM’s. Engineered for increased braking efficiency and superior stopping power, optimum lining life and minimal drum wear, Eurospec linings deliver highly efficient cost-per-kilometre braking for heavy-duty buses, trucks and long haul vehicles.
Also available: Rivets, Anchor Pins, Roller Kits and Springs.


Freightliner, Scania, Man, Volvo, UD, Mercedes-Benz, Yutong, Tata, Volkswagen

Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Brake Pads

Eurospec commercial-vehicle (CV) pads are made from OE-quality materials with international approvals designed specifically for each vehicle’s braking system. The result is consistent braking performance under all temperatures and conditions. It delivers the best possible combination of performance, comfort and ultimate drivability. Optimize the performance of the entire braking system to deliver the ultimate in stopping power reliability and safety. Require a minimum bedding-in period. Offer extended life and minimum disc wear.