Primo Brake Pads

For the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50

Primo Brake Pads for the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50

Primo brake pads offer quality that is unmatched. European regulation ECE R90 requires that all brake pads and shoes must pass rigorous tests comparing the performance of the aftermarket product with that of the original brake components.

All our brake pads and shoes have achieved ECE R90 homologation: this means that they offer compatibility and superior performance to that of the original equipment.

Our brake pads are manufactured under stringent quality standards at an in-house ISO/TS 16949 rated manufacturing facility.

Our latest product, Primo Ford Ranger and BT50 pad with Clean Drive Formulation, is designed for consumers who focus on safety. Coupled with excellent braking response and still maintaining the aesthetics of driving with 5 outstanding features:
• Anti- Noise, Anti-Dust
• Excellent rotor care
• Top quality insulator shim plate: Anti-Squeal Shim with Double Layer Rubbers
• Y groove technology
• Scorching surface for fast bedding pads: Thermal Scorched

Essential elements of a car are not only focusing on the performance of power, strength, economy, suspension system that has excellent road grip, or packed with technology and advanced features. Factors that must be matched are speed control, to be able to slow down and the vehicle must be able to confidently stop at a safe distance. This means that the brake system must always work efficiently. However, the functioning of the brake system all equipment parts, whether it’s discs, calipers, brake boosters, and brake pads, all must work together all the time. This is to allow the driver to slow down or stop the car as needed. Of course, if any of the parts are not of quality or the specification is not suitable for the car, especially with brake pads, it will directly affect the performance and most importantly safety while driving.

Currently, brake pad manufacturers are constantly developing innovative products to meet the need when wanting to stop must stop and must stop safely because the higher the speed of the car, the more attention must be paid to the braking system.

Compact Primo brake pads. It has been developed to meet the needs of drivers who want to be smooth, quiet, reduce dust on wheels and be safe, while delivering a new experience of use.

COMPACT Primo brake pads are designed to be outstanding in terms of use, has a low rate of brake dust, low brake disc consumption and the shims are installed to be ready for use with a group of vehicles with normal use that require brake pads to replace the original brake pads installed in the car.

COMPACT Primo is a clean drive formulation design brake pad, a new type of ceramic group. The same control standard as America: Low Copper formulation, emphasizing the production of raw materials that are friendly to the car and the environment.

What is Clean Drive? COMPACT Primo has been developed and manufactured under Clean Drive Formulation Design technology that is designed for consumers who prioritize safety coupled with excellent braking response and still maintains the aesthetics of driving with 5 outstanding features:

COMPACT Primo is a brake pad designed for users who want brake pads to replace the original car. They are of equal quality and are of international standards, both in terms of production and braking performance by focusing on the use of general personal cars. that is used both in the city like a car with frequent brakes.

In addition to COMPACT Primo, there are many outstanding features. Also suitable for users who want the beauty of car alloy wheels. It has the beauty of bright orange shims, low brake dust rates and has a low brake disc consumption rate disc brake friendly.