Parts Profiles

Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings

Eurospec linings are 100% asbestos free and of proven original equipment quality, meeting all internationally recognized quality standards. Eurospec brake linings are a . . .

Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Brake Pads

Eurospec commercial-vehicle (CV) pads are made from OE-quality materials with international approvals designed specifically for each vehicle’s braking system. The result is . . .

Light Vehicle Brake Pads

If you simply need a quality OEM replacement pad, look no further than WePort. Our brake pads offer quality that is unmatched. European regulation ECE R90 requires that all brake pads and shoes must pass rigorous ...

Brake Drums & Discs

We are the distributor of EKU brake drums and discs in South Africa. High-tech brake drum and brake disc production facilities and Total Quality Management have establis...

Air Parts

We are a proud distributor of AIR FREN who are specialists in brake systems for trucks, trailers & buses since 1983. We have a team of professionals at our disposal who provide us with value added services. The result of their company policy that is based on quality and continuous improvement of all the processes resulted in obtaining their quality certificate ISO: 9001

Product Quality

ECE R90 is a European quality standard that requires all replacement brake pads and brake linings to perform within certain parameters to Original Equipment specification.
To comply with ECE R90 standards, the brake pads and linings must pass stringent speed sensitivity and cold performance equivalence tests.
Pads that have passed ECE R90 testing will have an “E” mark on the backing plate alongside a number denoting which authority has tested and approved the pad (e.g. UK – ‘E11’).
Any manufacturer wishing to sell (or export) brake products within the EU must have those products tested and certified to ECE R90 standards by law.